IT Developments in Indonesia

I.T Developmens In Indonesia

As time, it did not feel we had been living in an age filled with sophistication and everything is very practical. All the people vying to be able to create new things and can facilitate job. It also includes the development of IT is the fastest growing in the world, especially in our beloved country, the Republic of Indonesia.

Information technology is a technology that is used to process the data, the process, obtain, compile, store, manipulate data in different ways to produce quality information. information that is meant is that the information is accurate, relevant, and timely, which can be used for personal use, business, and government. This information should also be a strategic value that can be used in decision making.

Now is the role of IT in human keidupan is increasingly important. Because along with the development of the IT people did a lot of work in front of computers and using mobile phones for communication. With the advances in technology make it easier for humans and serasadunia work there in our grasp. In addition, the development of IT is also very fast, so it must always follow its development.

The development of information technology in Indonesia is strongly influenced by the ability of the human resource in understanding the components of information technology (hardware, software, computer network systems, and telecommunications systems). To build IT facilities, Indonesia still relies heavily on investors.
If we create a chronology of the development of IT in Indonesia from ancient times to the prediction of IT development in Indonesia, among others:

1. Earlier generations of information technology.
In Indonesia in the past, long-distance communication done by correspondence. Though there is no postal system, but mail delivery system has been going on since long. Tknologi information systems in Indonesia began to experience growth in 1855, or precisely on October 23, 1855 when the Dutch opened the first telegraph line in Indonesia. Since then, the telegraph began widely used in Indonesia.

On October 16, 1882, the local telephone network was first used in Indonesia by private parties who received concessions for 25 years. Since then, emerging companies telephone network in Indonesia. However, in the early days of this, companies are only open telephone line in big cities only. In 1906, the government had to take over and monopolize all corporate telephone network, the telephone network except Keretea Fire Company Deli. In 1967, the telecommunications company successfully completed the construction of telecommunication networks archipelago that includes microwave projects across Sumatra and East Indonesia microwave cross. On July 9, 1976, Indonesia launched a satellite then palapa. And so begins a new round of development of information technology in Indonesia is very fast moving and rapidly since the launch of this satellite.

Indonesia began to internet in the 1990s. Internet users in Indonesia in 1988 using CIX (England) and Compurserve (U.S.) to access the Internet. Internet is also increasingly being used currently and is growing rapidly.

2. Information technology in the present.
Currently, we have entered the era of globalization with the development of information technology is very rapid. In Indonesia was the information from different parts of the world can be accessed quickly and easily. The internet facility has changed the paradigm of society became more modern and practical. Internet is now more easily accessible. In addition to the cafe facilities more and more, people can also access the Internet via a PC or laptop at home, or to take advantage of hotspots, or even using a phone. Not only that, the internet has been used as a medium of learning, business, military, and many other fields. The Indonesian government has made the internet as an important part in many fields. By utilizing the Internet, Indonesia has taken a step forward to growing and advancing in the future.

3. Information technology in the future.
Looking at the development of information technology today, many predictions about the development of technology more and more expressed. However, of course there are many factors that will influence the development of the information technology. Either support or hinder the perkambangan. Things like government financial capability and affordability remote areas will be very influential on the development of the information technology. In the past, it has been a lot of figures that express predictions about the development of information technology. Like what was said Mason R. (1994) who argue that the future of education will be determined by the information network that allows interaction and collaboration, rather than building schools. However, technology will continue to widen the gap between rich and poor in. Or thing expressed by Tony Bates (1995) that technology can improve the quality and range when used wisely for education and training, and has great significance for the economic well-being. What is clear, whatever happens, information technology will still be an important part in human life. In Indonesia in particular, in all corners of the world in general.

Later, the role of IT in transport services even been able to feel. For example, a special card issued by a private bank that we can use to pay for tolls, buying fuel, busway ticket purchase and train.

In education, especially at the college level, the use of IT is realized in a system called electronic university (e-University). This development was carried out in support of education, so as to provide better information for the community, both within and outside the university through the internet. Exemplarily other educational services that can be implemented by means of the internet to provide online lectures and course material can be accessed by anyone in need.

With the rapid development of IT, should also be balanced with awareness to use IT for the benefit of a positive. Hence not a few IT experts who use it for evil. Many porn sites are more intense circulation. Another example is the “fever” friendship sites are often misused. Until the transaction girl through cyberspace. It certainly can affect the development of children and adolescents in our country. And the need for supervision of the authorities so that the negative impact of IT can be reduced. Because teenagers now tend to use technology in the negative direction, and it is because their souls are still unstable and need for educators and mentors to steer them in the right direction so that we can promote the Indonesian nation in the future.

Many of the benefits that I feel with the development of IT among others helped me in doing assignments, easily transfer money, add friends through social networks, to communicate very easily and quickly. Moreover, with the development of IT, it can improve the economy of Indonesia, right now there are online businesses, transactions via the internet, as well as many other benefits.
Similarly, the author’s description of the development of IT in Indonesia and the chronology of its development and also reviews the positive and negative impacts of future IT developments on the progress of the Indonesian nation.


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